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I really cannot thank you enough for playing such a very important role in the education of our Children.
I know that they have all loved being your pupils & if anything, each one has loved it even more than the last!
You have created a great Organisation, a great School, and above all, a great Team.

We have had such a wonderful 6 years with you.
Thank you for giving our children the best start in life - we are forever grateful.

I wanted to drop a note to say a big thank you for a wonderful two years at Miss Daisy's. Rebecca was SO happy at school each and every day and we loved the caring, warm, loving, intimate atmosphere at the school that was so evident to us as parents; it is a special place. We also thoroughly enjoyed the company of the parents you assembled at the school; it was a wonderful group of people!

I would just like to take this opportunity, now the term is ending, to thank you for giving my son a place at Miss Daisy's Nursery Knightsbridge. I am particularly grateful for the excellent way in which his class has been taught essential elements of British culture and etiquette alongside a good grounding in the ability to communicate and inter-relate in a warm and happy learning environment.

My son has grown in confidence this term and is extremely happy at school. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to your teaching team and I look forward to the new term with great pleasure.

All I can say is that Sky had the best start a parent could ask for at Miss Daisy’s. You all gave her the foundation from which to spring into this nice little girl. She just loves you and the whole Daisy’s team so much and would like to be invited back to read again if possible. This time I will be there to see her proud little face!

Thank you for working your magic with this wonderful school. You have really created a little learning wonderland for children. Ryan has grown into a confident little boy thanks to his dedicated teachers.

We would like to thank you so much for the amazing year that our son has spent at his first year at Miss Daisy’s. Being full time working mothers, we wanted to find a nursery school where our little boy could be loved, could learn a lot, could discover the world and could have fun with great friends in a safe and peaceful environment. Miss Daisy’s is more than that! Miss Daisy’s is a nursery school where children can gain amazing confidence, learn respect and share with each others in such a lovely space, colourful, full of toys and pictures where activities gets fully interactive and very well articulated. Thank you again for all your amazing teaching staff who love and care for our little ones. 

Thank you so much for an incredible four years at Miss Daisy’s- we couldn’t have been happier as a family. You have truly created the most special, warm school and we we were so honoured to be part of the Miss Daisy’s family. 

Thank you for two wonderful years. Lara has flourished in your fantastic school and we are extremely grateful to you and your amazing teachers for all the care shown to Lara. Your encouragement has filled Lara with confidence and she is now so reluctant to leave!

Thank you so much for Bunny's brilliant two years at Miss Daisy's. She literally went to sleep this evening in floods of tears saying "I'm going to miss Miss Daisy's, I don't want to leave!" 
She has really had  a wonderful couple of years and I found it so emotional this morning, but she is also very excited about going on to Thomas’s and luckily I get to come back next term with Lula. 
You must be soooooo proud of your schools and how much happiness comes out of them! 

Just wanted to say a heartfelt goodbye to you all and a huge thank you for always being the very best and warmest nursery!

We feel so privileged to have had both our babies at Daisy’s - it's been an absolute joy always!

Carolina has enjoyed every moment and I cannot believe all the things you have taught her! She can recognise all her letters and she can sing entire songs out loud which I have even never heard of! Amazing!

Miss Maria is so wonderful and Miss Anna too - you are all so kind and generous with your love and attention to all the children at Miss Daisy’s!

You are all fantastic and you make Miss Daisy’s so unique!

We will miss you

Thank you for showering Zade with love and sunshine and teaching him the building blocks of life.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for Leah’s first year in London. She has developed and blossomed in the past few months and we couldn’t be happier with your school.

Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely school family. Sofie has settled in so well, we couldn’t be happier!

I told my daughter that there was no school tomorrow as it is the school holidays and she was totally inconsolable. She cried and cried, this is only because she loves her friends and teachers at Miss Daisy’s SO much!

Thank you so much for giving Eve such a wonderful, happy and supportive start to her education. She has learned a lot, really grown in confidence, made some great friends and got lots of fun memories. Thank you very much to you and your wonderful, kind and happy team.

You run a very special school in a unique location with an amazing group of teachers and assistants - makes me want to have another baby!

You are all so dedicated professionals who are soooooooooo caring towards our precious little people. Joshua has learnt so much and has loved every minute of it.

Thank you for the most wonderful year at nursery. Max has loved being at nursery from his very first day. He has blossomed into a little man this year due to the hard work of you and your staff. You have got together a superb team of teachers. They make all of the children feel safe and confident to learn and grow. We feel that you bring out the best in every child and help prepare them so well for the next stage of their lives when they move on to a new school. Every activity you organise is done with such care and attention to detail, from the shows, fairs, charity fundraisers to parties. The children all look so happy and all take part in every event. A parent could not ask for much more.

Thank you for all your hard work, encouragement and always smiles and positiveness during Carl's wonderful time with you. Daisy, your nursery is the happiest and safest place we could wish for.