The Team at Miss Daisy's Nursery, Knightsbridge

The Knightsbridge team includes:

Miss Rebecca Dooley, Headmistress

Miss Neilem Lal, Deputy Headmistress and Nursery Teacher
Miss Damini Alg, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Ali Miloserdovs, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Angel Van Gerven, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Shannen Higgins, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Louisa Phillips, Nursery Teacher
Miss Chloe Lyndsey-Fynn, Nursery Teacher
Miss Issy Holland-Hibbert, Nursery Teacher
Miss Poppy Jones, Nursery Teacher
Miss Ellie Smith, Teaching Assistant
Miss Esther Migioni, Teaching Assistant
Miss Penny Konstantipoulou, Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlotte Jopling, School Secretary and Registrar

Please contact Charlotte Jopling in the Miss Daisy's office for further information and to enquire about registration. Click here to go to our contact page.