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The Team at Miss Daisy's Nursery, Chelsea

Mrs Cerine Shalak

Miss Cerine began her teaching career after gaining an Early Childhood International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy from the Montessori Centre International in July 2007. Since then she has completed her teacher training at Beanstalk Montessori School and then went on to work at Dawmouse Montessori School. Miss Cerine graduated from Roehampton University with a BA in Early Childhood Studies and joined Miss Daisy’s Nursery in September 2010 as a teacher in the Kindergarten. She became the Deputy Headmistress in September 2011 and then the Headmistress in September 2014. 

Over the course of her time at Miss Daisy’s, Miss Cerine has built strong relationships with the Prep Schools in the area and visits them on a regular basis. An extensive aspect of her role as the Headmistress is to maintain a strong dialogue with the future schools, advising parents on the schools best suited to their child, as well as providing guidance and support during the assessment process. 

In addition to Miss Cerine, the Chelsea Nursery teaching team includes:

Miss Lucy Caminada, Deputy Headmistress and Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Ana Sofia de Asevedo Dias, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Sarah Mills, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Cristina Cuerva, Nursery Teacher
Miss Ruth Miller, Nursery Teacher
Mrs Maria Guljajeva, Nursery Teacher
Miss Alice Cheater, Teaching Assistant
Miss Laura Kennedy, Teaching Assistant
Miss Georgii Jackman, Teaching Assistant
Miss Sophie Thorpe, Music Teacher
Miss Avra Jaron, Drama Teacher
Coach Patsy, Football and Sports Coach
Miss Kitty Keir, School Secretary and Registrar