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I am very excited to announce the launch of three educational apps that I have created with Sophie Carter (ex Miss Daisy’s and Knightsbridge School teacher) and a fantastic children’s illustrator, Ben Hawkes. Sophie and I are both passionate about teaching children to read and over a year ago we started writing our own phonic reading scheme, our aim being to bring the fun and magic back into learning letter sounds.

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Every year over 100,000 – one in 5 children - leave primary school at aged 11 - ill-equipped with basic literacy skills. Many of these children never catch-up. Worryingly, for children who do not hit their targets at age 11 – success in secondary education is not guaranteed. 45 per cent of those pupils who do achieve the bench mark of level 4 at 11 fail to go on to gain at least a C grade in GCSE exams last summer. This creates massive barriers and disadvantages in life. Children without literacy qualifications are often unable to cope in many employment roles and students who can not read struggle to manage with the skills that are needed in daily life.

Now, the problem does not start at primary school. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of education is vital for providing children with the skills they will need so they are ready for school. The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum we follow at Miss Daisy's Nursery and we really feel that if children follow the hip hop hen learning journey, they will be able to read and write fluently and confidently. This journey will begin at nursery school where they will learn their phonic letter sounds and then when they join Reception at their primary school they will begin to read and write words.

We decided to start with three educational apps for ipads and iphones, after these apps our aim is to produce cvc (consonant vowel consonant) apps and then hopefully reading books- that is our real dream. We have taken what we feel are the best bits from existing reading schemes and combined them to create a unique and innovative resource to support all the early years learning at home and at school.

Our first 3 apps will enable parents and schools to teach the letters sounds and blends in a fun stimulating and memorable way. All three apps appeal to every learning style whether the child is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner they will be able to engage with our first 3 apps. The apps are all inline and follow the EYFS early learning goals 2013 to teach many of the skills and attributes needed for Communication and Language (CL), Physical Development (PD), Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED), Literacy (L), Mathematics (M), Understanding the World (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).

We decided to start with three educational apps for ipads and iphones to ensure the children are super confident with phonic letter sounds. Once they are confident with these sounds, they can begin to read cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant words) The third app which is called hip hop hen tracing app, teaches children how to write their letter sounds either in print or in cursive. We put the option of cursive as many schools are beginning to teach children cursive handwriting in Reception.

Our Hip Hop Hen reading scheme is different to many others. It combines all the best bits of existing schemes - an audio song like jolly phonics, a letter character like Ruth Miskin and a flash card like many of the schemes. It introduces the sounds in a memorable way - with a letter character, song and flashcard. It has depth at the early blending stage to build confidence. Then instead of getting longer and harder as the child learns to read - our scheme, concentrates with one sound a time per book. This means that the student is exposed to all the different words that make that sound in one book. The child learns through repetition and this repetition aids their spelling.

Our first hip hop hen app went straight to no 1 kids app and the other two apps have both been editor's choice and our latest app called Phonics 1 went straight to No. 1 new kids app in Itunes.

This is our brand new, fantastic word building and reading phonics app for children. If you are looking for a phonics app to introduce your child to reading – look no further!


CVC words are C-onsonant V-owel C-onsonants - these are the first words that a child learns to read such as C-A-T, H-E-N, P-I-G, D-O-G, B-U-G.

CVC words are easy for a child to decode and blend back together to read the word.

I have added the link below to our latest blog on what does cvc mean:


As teachers we know that learning to read for a child can be a daunting and confusing time.

- phonics 1 CVC is specially designed to make learning to read easy and fun.

- phonics 1 CVC is learning to read with a teacher by your side!

- Every word in phonics 1 CVC is decodable.

- There are no sight or tricky words to stumble across so, your child has 60 pages of phonics fun to build up their reading confidence.


- The app has 3 sections: “WORDS” “READ” and “WATCH”.

- WORDS: 5 FUN BUILDING WORD PHONICS GAMES – to build and read 30 CVC words.

- READ: 5 INTERACTIVE and ANIMATED CVC PHONICS STORIES – to build and read 30 decodable sentences.

- WATCH: enjoy 5 phonics stories.


phonics 1 CVC will help your child achieve many early learning goals:

- PHONIC AWARENESS: understanding that a written letter (or groups of letters) makes a sound.

- DECODING: is one of the most important foundational reading strategies. Decoding is orally segmenting the individual sounds (phomemes) in a word.

- BLENDING: is the ability to combine the individual sounds (phomemes) together smoothly to read a word.

- SOUND BUTTONS: these are the red dots that appear under each letter of the word. By pressing these buttons in order it helps the child segment the sounds in the word and blend them back together to read the word from left to right.

- LITERACY SKILLS: phonics 1 CVC helps children develop these skills: concentration and attention, observation, cognitive and problem solving skills, understanding, speaking and listening, language and literacy development through listening to the sounds and instructions whilst playing the app.

- FINE AND GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: whilst playing phonics 1 CVC a child will develop moving and handling skills of age-appropriate equipment as well as co-ordination skills through: tapping, dragging and splatting in many of the games.

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