The Team at Miss Daisy's Nursery

Miss Daisy Harrison
Principal and Founder

Daisy Harrison began her teaching career at Thomas’s School in Battersea, she then moved on to Garden House Boys School as the Early Years coordinator.

Miss Daisy’s dream was to create a small cosy nursery school that would feel like a traditional countryside nursery school but would be in the heart of London, offering the very best care for young children. Daisy wanted to lead a team of teachers passionate about early years education, and to give each child the very best possible start as they take those early steps out into the world.

In September 2006, Daisy's dream came true and Miss Daisy's Belgravia opened followed in 2010 by Miss Daisy's Chelsea and then in 2014 Miss Daisy's Knightsbridge.  In January 2018, Miss Daisy's Nursery acquired the exceptional nursery school, Little Owls Nursery.  Located in the heart of Brook Green, Little Owls has become the fourth nursery within the Miss Daisy's Nursery family.

In 2014 Miss Daisy co-created a phonic reading scheme called hip hop hen.

Miss Daisy oversees the running of all four schools however to ensure each nursery remains small and personal, there is a Headmistress responsible for the daily support to both parents and chidren.